Zachary Leifer
Professional Recommendations

Chris Darner: Product Management

Chris worked with me at Overlay Gaming Corporation

"Zack is great. His approach to marketing and strategy is both disciplined and at the same time creative. He approaches challenges instantly able to tap into a wide set experience and brings to any conversation a rich understanding of best practices and careful, targeted research. Zack also has a great product sense and keen awareness of how a consumer thinks. He would be a be a great asset to any organization seeking to bring experience and leadership to either an entirely new or already strong marketing team. He is easily one of the most talented, experienced, hard working and creative marketing professionals I have had the pleasure of working with."

Shawn Green: Product Manager

Shawn worked indirectly for me at Overlay Gaming Corporation

"Zack is incredibly intelligent and intuitive. I was constantly impressed by his ability to conjure up interesting ideas and marketing strategies, while at the same time being 100% willing to hear out critiques. It's a rare person who can take constructive feedback, especially on already good ideas. That's exactly the sort of person I like working for -- someone who is smart, but doesn't have an ego about it and knows that any good idea is a collaborative effort. Besides that, Zack is also an overachiever, skilled in many things outside of his job's scope. Because of this wide spread of skills, Zack is better able to understand the multiple facets of businesses and operations, allowing him to do his job more effectively and efficiently."

Barry Layne: Proven leader across multiple disciplines and industries

Barry worked with me at Overlay Gaming Corporation

"Like a great pitcher, Zach is sneaky smart. He doesn't need to be the center of attention nor does he feel the need to talk just for the sake of hearing his own voice -- both of which are traits you wouldn't expect in a superstar marketing guy. From strategy to tactical implementation, I've never met or worked with anyone so focused, grounded and successfully metrics driven to prove success."

Clint Byrne: Chief Financial Officer at Links of London

Clint worked with me at Folli Follie

"Zach is a numbers oriented, talented digital professional. His positive attitude, salesmanship and political savvy made him a valuable asset to Folli Follie North American management team.

Zachary drove the acquisition, conversion and retention for both Links of London and Folli Follie meeting and exceeding organizational revenue and profit goals. Additionally, he successfully took on the responsibility of managing the customer service and ecommerce distribution with a feet on the ground approach, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty - an essential component for any luxury brand.

His knowledge of customer behavior, industry trends, best practices, and drive for success made him a key strategist and growth champion for our North American business. I highly recommend Zachary."

Joseph Adelantar: Executive Director (E-Commerce) at The New York Times

Joseph worked with me at Folli Follie

"Zach was an exceptional e-commerce marketing manager during his tenure with FF Group. He is an integral part of relaunching the Links of London Platform as well as launching the Folli Follie platform in North America. Zach's strength is his ability to balance "big picture" strategy in the digital marketing arena but also solve the granule needs of the business. He created a strong Digital Marketing Plan that supported double digit growth for both brands. He shared and provided best practice to the global E-commerce team to optimize both sites. Zach has an entrepreneurial spirits, passion to succeed and delivers the results."

Vasileios Pateras: Mobile Payments & E-Commerce Project Manager

Vasileios worked directly with me at Folli Follie

"I have had the pleasure of working with Zachary during the re-platforming project for Links of London. He has an amazing enthusiasm and passion for the eCommerce and marketing industries, which inspires those around him. I have turned to Zachary multiple times as a reliable team member resource for eCommerce, affiliate marketing, analytics best practices and he has never let me down. He's always trying something new to improve his results (as any good marketer should) and has a knack for learning something valuable from every experience. Overall, he is a true professional and such a great person to work and get along with. If given the opportunity, I would greatly enjoy working alongside Zachary in the future and would highly recommend him for any future position he is willing to undertake."

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